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We feel so honored and grateful to have had Jen as our doula. When our birth story took a sudden turn and we had to be admitted for an unexpected induction, Jen was sure even without much warning to swing by to check on us and made sure we were supplied and set for the hospital stay. When labor came, she was at the hospital at my side guiding me to breathe with each contraction, especially since I was laboring naturally without pain medications.

What really stood out was how concise and precise Jen was. With her strong voice and precise hands she gave me exactly the support I needed without saying or doing too much so that I ended up having all the possible space to experience everything for myself. Today I am still able to recall her voice and touch in those intense moments of active labor.

I had amazing support at my birth from the hospital, my husband, and the birth center but I can’t imagine what the experience would have been like without Jen. A couple weeks after birth, Jen walked us back through the whole experience in order to help us to process all that happened, something that both she and we feel is most important. We found Jen to be the perfect doula because of how well she listened and felt out what we needed—she gave us the support and guidance we needed with sure, steady hands and also gave us enough space so that it felt like it was our family’s experience.

My husband would like to add (and I agree) that, while he was ever fully present with me throughout the birth process, prepared in advance for birth, and generally quite adept with human bodies, he felt lost during labor itself, without a sense of direction. Having Jen there allowed him to just be a support during the critical times rather than having to attempting to help navigate something he could never experience himself.
— Ngoce

Jennifer Moran was an integral part during the labor and delivery of our baby. Looking back, we can’t imagine how we would have endured all we experienced without her!

Our goal was to have a birth as natural as possible in a hospital setting and Jen helped us achieve this. She listened to our needs before our birth and prepared us with techniques that could help us labor at home during the very beginning of our birth so we can avoid going to the hospital too early. Once we were admitted at our hospital and Jen arrived, our room became a safe haven with ocean sounds, aromatherapy, and warm reassuring hands. What an ally we had as we navigated through the unpredictable path of childbirth! There were many changes in the hospital staff throughout the labor, but Jen remained our supportive anchor which held us together throughout it all with her reassuring words and helpful ideas.

Jen provided a calm force that was constant. She is also a massage therapist which means you will be in great hands (figuratively and literally) when it comes to birthing your baby. This was our first pregnancy and it was a relief to have someone warm and professional like Jen who reassured us and guided us throughout the journey that labor and delivery of a little human encompasses.

Jen not only provided a sense of calm and guidance before, during, and after our birth. She also supported my partner so that we could all work together as a team. She provided the tools needed so that my husband could support me with the right pressure on my hips and other ways he could help me during labor and once our babe entered this world. She helped me reach my goal of not being bound to birthing my baby on a hospital bed. I’ll never forget her kind yet firm hands which provided a much needed massage during the labor and provided comfort when you are feeling such intense feelings mentally and physically. Once our babe was here she stayed with us for a while and made sure we were settled so that we could relish in our new role as parents. We don’t know how we would have done it without Jen!!! We can’t recommend her enough
— Valeria, Aaron & Camilla

Plain and simply put, we can’t imagine not having Doula Jen by our side for the birth of our daughter. From the moment we met Jen, we felt at ease and that she really was going to support both of us through childbirth and we’d make it on the other side. Impressed by her questions as we prepared for labor and delivery, she gave us calm strength as the contractions got stronger and the baby was close to being born. Jen spent all night with us once contractions started, something we as a couple were nervous about as I was scheduled to be medically induced, though that was not my first choice. My goal was to have a pain medication free birth, and with Jen’s help I was able to do just that, even while being induced. We highly recommend Jen to be part of your birth plan and birth team: it was money very well spent and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.
— Kara W.

Jennifer Moran is the perfect birthing doula! I could not have asked for a better first birthing experience and that had a lot to do with Jen. If you are lucky enough to work with her, I have no doubt in my mind that you will be as impressed as I am.

As soon as I met Jen, I was impressed by her calm demeanor, the way she listened to me and responded thoughtfully. Jen made it clear that she was there for me and would help me have the best experience possible. She was extremely responsive to my emails and texts whenever I had a question and I was always appreciative of her answers, which were a strong combination of knowledge based on experience and research. An added bonus is that one of Jen’s specialties is massage and she gave me an incredible massage when I was a week late to relax my body and help induce labor.

Jen went out of her way to support me throughout labor. When I started having contractions, I called her several times to ask her advice about when to go to the hospital. She offered to come to my house any time if I needed. When I went to the hospital, Jen joined me and I felt instantly more relaxed as soon as she arrived in the delivery room.
She is extremely sensitive and intuitive when it comes to her patient’s needs, and she was a perfect balance between being present but not intrusive. I had a long labor and Jen was right there with me attending to my needs and giving me the right sort of encouragement. She was so impressive that the nurses who were in the room with me ALL made comments about how lucky I was to have such a supportive doula. They said it was rare to meet a doula who was so helpful and present.

I can say with absolute confidence that Jen is a treasure. I know I could not find a better birthing doula and I feel extremely lucky to know she is there the next time I get pregnant. I never worried about anything when she was in the room with me, which is the best possible gift she could have given me. As soon as I see a positive result on a pregnancy test, Jen will be my first call.
— Jessie L.

Hiring Jen Moran, a support person who has been trained in labor and delivery, is the best investment my husband and I made during my entire pregnancy. Even before I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to have a doula for the birth of my child, because I was aware that having a professional support person could help facilitate a shorter and less pained labor. Plus hiring someone who was knowledgeable about doctor/nurse speak and could quickly explain to my husband and myself what was going on during labor and what choices we had would be invaluable. I had a very long induction, three days, and Jen provided constant support via phone calls and texts right up until the hour I went into labor on January 17, 2015. With Jen’s calm assistance, I was able to turn away the epidural and have the natural labor that I wanted. I will not lie, before Jen arrived to the hospital I was in major pain; however with Jen’s calm presence, her massage techniques and her soothing words of encouragement allowed me to proceed without the pain medication. While she was completely supportive of my decision to have the medication, she convinced me to be checked by the doctor first to see how dilated I was. Turned out I was too far along, I progressed very quickly, and the epidural would not have been as helpful and in my opinion would have extended the labor process. Not only was Jen helpful for me, but my husband as well. While my husband is someone who can be calm under pressure, this was our first birth and he admitted that without Jen’s help he would have felt useless- seeing me in pain was very difficult for him. The three of us quickly became a team and my daughter was born in just four short hours. My husband and I loved working with Jen and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula.
— Erin R.

Jen Moran was our doula at the birth of our daughter, Rosa, in October 2013. She was an amazing presence throughout my labor. She was truly present, calming, and full of great suggestions for how to relieve the pain of labor. She listened well and responded intuitively to my labor experience by offering massage and suggesting positions. I was very moved by her sensitivity, her empathy, and her ability to relieve pain by simply holding my gaze during contractions. Her experience as a massage therapist clearly informs her nurturing and soothing touch. She was a great support to my partner as well, and the three of us easily became a team. The birth proceeded relatively quickly and our baby was born with no complications. I have extremely positive feelings about the birth experience, in large part thanks to Jen’s warm, loving, and steady support.
— Sasha W.

It was excellent. It made me forget the pain, all your help, all your tricks. I’m glad you were there to help me in my labor. It was great. You were there for me, more than my family. Even if my mom were there, you did more than she could have. Not even one moment did I feel alone, and that’s what I loved the most. I want to thank you a lot for giving me lot of help and helping my baby come out safely into this beautiful world. Thank you so much. It was great help. My baby Drishna is so lucky to have you.
— Shanti

Jen is wonderful! I cannot sing her praises enough! Before the birth of my son, she met with me several times, discovering the person I am, asking questions, and making suggestions to help make a simple and beautiful birth plan.

When I went into labor, Jen was there for me. I loved how she connected with my loved ones to make them comfortable as well. Her warmth and calmness created a peaceful environment in the hospital room. She was also great at helping me to ground my energy during the process. Jen led me through breathing exercises, gave awesome bodywork, and reminded me back to go to my “happy place” during contractions. While I was in the hospital, several midwives came to tell me about how they’d heard about my “magical” birth!

Jen visited us in the hospital and at home. I really appreciated her follow up care, as the first few days after birth are incredibly tough. It was so lovely to have her there!
— Marria E.

Jen you were our calm steady foundation in our fast birth experience. Acting as our back up doula, you jumped in with 100% commitment. You arrived promptly and helped in any way needed doing so with positivity and free of any judgments. You helped me attain the non-medicated birth I had hoped for and helped Christian play a more active role in this birth experience. Jen you provided the perfect amount of hands on modalities and had a second sense of what pain reduction massage was needed without being asked. Additionally you provided a calm presence that kept everyone calm in a chaotic and hurried birth. You truly made our experience special and as we dreamed!! Thank you!!
— Cristina M.

We love Jen! She is just the calming personality that my husband and I needed to balance us out, and I really appreciated that she was supportive of my birth plan and the style of birth that I wanted. The prenatal visits were a great time to get to know each other and she has a great sense of touch, so that was awesome for me. Once we were in the hospital, having a third set of very knowledgeable hands ended up being indispensable. We would definitely hire her if (when!) we get pregnant again. I would highly recommend partnering with her for a calm and successful birth.
— Amanda M.